A trip to Mercersburg Academy…

I was recently invited to a lecture at the beautiful Mercersburg Academy to hear one of my favorite doctors speak. How could I resist? Dr. Esselstyn did NOT disappoint. He has been promoting a plant-based diet for years to end heart disease. He is quite clear and to the point. The science is all there for us to see, a whole food, plant-based diet can prevent and REVERSE heart disease?! Yes, I said reverse heart disease. My father has been under the care of a cardiologist for over 10 years, he has never been told any of this. He has been given one medicine after another but never sent to a nutritionist. After he watched CNN’s The Last Heart Attack” he was curious but after watching Forks Over Knives, he was ready to go to work. While my work is currently focused on cancer, the food is all the same. High fiber, plant-based foods work for numerous ailments. If changing the way you eat could give you a better quality of life, wouldn’t it be worth a try? If there were no side effects except lower cholesterol and maybe a little weight loss, why not? And if the food tasted amazing, was satisfying, and there were no calories to count, wouldn’t you give it a shot? That my friends is life on a plant-based diet. As Dr. Esselsytn’s son, Rip Esselstyn (Engine 2 Diet), calls it “plant strong”.  I will be working with my father to help him become “plant strong” with me. Are you ready?

In case you missed The Last Heart Attack on CNN, you can watch it here…



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