Easy Vegan…Noodles even Willson loves!

For those of you who don’t know, I have a  7-year-old son named Willson. And as cute as he is, his eating habits are challenging for me to understand. So when I find food that he likes, that looks more like something I would eat…I get very happy! His lunch for school was getting boring so I decided to try an old favorite of mine. I changed it a little to make it more Willson friendly, see what you think.

Cook noodles, any kind you like, according to the package. I like soba or udon while little man prefers whole grain spaghetti. Chop some veggies and toss in the water for the last few minutes of cooking. Carrots, peas, broccoli, are good choices for this. AND pineapple makes it really tasty but don’t cook it, just toss that in at the very end after the sauce.

In a bowl, whip together either organic peanut butter or tahini (sesame seed paste) and some soy sauce (I use Braggs or Nama Shoyu). Whip together until you have a smooth or at least well combined consistency then add water. You want it to be sauce like not pasty or runny. I like to add garlic and some chili pepper flakes for a little kick in mine. I don’t add anything to Willson’s.

Pour the sauce over the noodles and serve. That’s it, really 5 minutes outside of cooking the pasta. It’s good hot or cold but this is our new lunchtime favorite. He takes it for lunch and very little, if any, comes home!

Whole grain pasta over meat is a win in my book any day of the week! My husband and I actually had a warm version for dinner tonight. He loved it too!

Progress is sometimes in the form of baby steps but steps nonetheless.


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    Scarlett said,

    Sounds good! I love peanut sauces. I make something very similar to that, but add rice vinegar and use it as a salad dressing over a dinner salad of lettuce, cabbage, shredded carrots, cucumbers, edamame, and bean thread noodles.

    • 2

      nourish said,

      That sounds really good! I will try that too. Thanks! I hope to do a dressing post soon. You can make dressings so easily and they are usually so much better than the bottled ones.

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