Easy Vegan…Taco Pizza

So it’s Superbowl Sunday, what to make? Since we had a weekend full of 7-year-old birthday parties and basketball games, the Superbowl is not on the top of my mind. But in the spirit of the weekend, I decided to play along. What do most people eat for these parties? Pizza?! How do you make pizza without cheese? EASY and better than you can imagine!

Start out with a whole grain pizza crust. You can make your own but there are lots of choices at the grocery which make it very easy. They even have sprouted grain crusts!

Now choose what kind of pizza you want. I decided it was going to be an easy taco pizza tonight. I started with refried beans with green chiles as the base layer on the crust. I sautéed some garlic with cumin and chili powder. Once the garlic was fragrant, I tossed in black beans, corn, and peppers (red and green). Once that was all heated and ready, I added it to the pizza. I topped that with some sliced red onions and baked it on 375 degrees for about 20 minutes. The onions will get nicely toasted. Then I chopped some greens to top the pizza and added some pineapple salsa. It was beautiful and delicious!!! Quick, easy, wholesome dinner in about 35 minutes.

Not in the mood for taco pizza? How about a veggie pizza? Roast some veggies and use a red sauce as your base. You could go with a lighter treat by brushing the crust with garlic and olive oil (easy on the oil, it only takes a drop) then use sliced tomatoes and onions with basil. Make it your own and please share your ideas. But I have to say, the taco version is worth a shot!

Feed your body, fuel your life!


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