Easy Vegan Pancake Breakfast Sandwich

Sunday morning SUCCESS!!! I have to say I think I found one of the best vegan pancake recipes out there. I changed it a little, see below. You can find the original recipe here:


So here are the changes I made to the recipe. The flour I used was whole wheat and the milk was oat milk rather than soy. You could try oat flour or even buckwheat flour. The milk could also be any milk substitute (almond, rice). I added some vanilla and cinnamon to the mix then a touch of coconut oil to my griddle. One thing I learned is that you really need to let the batter rest as the recipe states so it gets fluffy, that’s part of what makes them so good. Also, make the batter fresh each time. They don’t taste the same if you store it for the next day, the consistency changes.

Now after I make the pancakes, I chop up whatever fruit I have and make a pancake sandwich! Sometimes I use a little maple syrup, sometimes I add toasted walnuts or pecans, but they are always delicious! You could make this fun for the kids by making a “pancake bar” for them. Think sundae bar with toppings but use fresh fruit and maple syrup instead of sprinkles and chocolate. Kids love to have a say in what goes into their food and they love to make things, so it’s perfect!  I think pineapple, bananas, and strawberries are my favorite, what are yours?

Another simple, quick, delicious and healthy recipe your whole family can enjoy.

Feed your body, fuel your life.


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    Will try, a comfortable change of taste anyway. Thanks

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