It’s not all about the label…

So lately I have been questioned a lot about my eating choices. What’s a vegan? Why are you a vegan? Are vegans healthier? Does that mean you don’t eat this and that. Here’s the deal, I’m not a label kind of girl. I don’t really call myself a vegan (unless ordering at a restaurant and they need to know what I don’t eat). You can live on soda, french fries, and vegan cookies and still be a vegan. You can eat fake food all day long and still be a vegan. I consume a plant based, whole food diet. I eat tons of real food everyday, as fresh as possible and as colorful as possible. And I exercise almost everyday. It’s also not about being perfect. After all, what is perfect? Who cares, all I know is I am one person doing the best I can in the time that I have to take the best care of myself and my family. Isn’t that what we all try to do? I think so. So relax, don’t worry about labels or fitting into one group or another. Don’t let people tell you what is best, you decide. Isn’t it empowering to figure it out on your own and go with it? I think so. That is how I got to where I am today. Enjoy each day!

Feed your body, fuel your life.


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