Easy Vegan Chana Masala

Our new favorite place to eat is a small, family run Indian restaurant. For all the locals, it’s called Sitar of India in Hagertsown. We even have Willson asking to go there it’s so delicious. Indian food can be quite good for you, spices like turmeric have numerous health benefits. I never thought I would try to make Indian food myself but today I did…and it was awesome! I had a bunch of chickpeas I prepared earlier in the week so I needed to use them. I didn’t want hummus and the cold rain we are having made me really want something comforting and warm. So I started looking for recipes. I found a few that looked good but the coconut milk in this Chana masala just looked scrumptious! Here’s the link for the recipe


I made the recipe almost exactly as written. It was a huge hit! The kitchen smelled fabulous, my husband ate two big bowls, and it was easy. That’s what makes it a new favorite for our family.

Thank you to Naomi Rose @ http://www.thegluttonousvegan.com for the great recipe!

Give it a try, let me know what you think!

Feed your body, fuel your life!


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    Brittany said,

    YUM! Bring on the warm belly!

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