Knowledge is power!

I had an opportunity recently to get together with like minded individuals and brainstorm a little. We were trying to figure out the best way to help our community be a healthier one.  How do we help people take better care of themselves? How do we reach the people who are too busy to listen? How do we reach those who feel they don’t have the resources to lead a healthier life? How do we help people help their children do the same? It’s education, I’m sure of it. I’m not talking about a degree or level of schooling, I’m talking about practical, real life knowledge that can be put to work for anyone. I bet if I told you that cancer was the second leading cause of death in the U.S. you may not be surprised. I bet if I told you that 1/3 of cancer deaths are linked to diet you would be. How about the number one killer in this country is heart disease and it can be PREVENTED! Really. And if you have it, you can reverse the damage. Yes, really.

Have I peaked your curiosity yet? I hope so. What I just told you is that nutrition, what you eat, can prevent disease or at least, with cancer, reduce your risk. Here’s the thing, very few people are talking about it. Why? There’s no money in selling kale or collard greens. There are no sales reps, no lobbyists for greens and beans, there is just no money in this information. There are no drugs to be pushed, no sales to be made. But if I told you vegetarians lived longer and had a decreased risk of cancer, you might listen. If I told you to change your diet now rather than wait until your chest must be cracked open and your organs repaired, would you listen? I think most people would. I think if I told you that an obese child will live a shorter life than his parents, maybe you would care. If I told you an estimated 70% of diabetes could be prevented, you may listen. If you were obese, suffering form heart disease, taking medicine for diabetes, had an overweight child, you should know these things. Is anyone telling you? I don’t hear the screaming from the rooftops that we need.

So guess what? I’m about to start. Get ready because I plan to keep at it until I help people understand what it is they deserve to know. I can show people how to make healthy, delicious whole food meals for their families in 30 minutes that cost LESS than the meat and cheese filled entrees they are making now. I can help people understand how simple it makes life when you MAKE your own food. It’s cheaper than McDonald’s, tastes much better too. It is very empowering to know that  you are feeding your body to fuel your life and that of your family.

It’s time to get started, let the education of our community continue.  Nourish is now offering nutritional consulting.

Feed your body, fuel your life!


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